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  • Decks_037 gallery_ipe_deckNew Construction, both Residential & Commercial Properties
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation & Design
  • Tile Flooring & Shower Surrounds
  • Home Additions & Expansions
  • Concrete Patio’s & Walks
  • Steps & Entries
  • Fence Repairs & Installation
  • Interior Finishing
  • Flooring, Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl and Tile
  • Garage & Basement Floors
  • Footings for Walls & New Additions
  • Door & Window Install
  • Signage Installation
  • Patio & Patio Covers

lattice-top-cedar-wood-fence-big-008PLUS Most Porch-Steps-WhiteSmaller Projects that other contractors will not touch because it’s too small or difficult.


Remodels and Renovations

and renovation requires an experienced professional like MPL Enterprise. To remodel and renovate a home takes a lot of creativity and carefulness to achieve a modern standard and sometimes if care is not taken and if done by a novice can affect the naturally beauty of the home and it’s value.

To remodel and renovate a home also requires trust, integrity and professionalism. These three things are the backbone of the MPL work ethic. If you want the remodel and renovation job done right, you will need a competent contractor to help you out.

b1Consider the plb2aces in the home that a home owner can remodel or renovations: bathroom, kitchen, toilet, steps and entries, fence, doors, windows and so on.

Today, many people choose to remodel an older home, instead of buying a new home.

Remodel and renovation of an older home is a good way to increase the home’s value, as well as improving the general look of the entire house. MPL can help you achieve your goals..





Rock Bed Renovation – Before & After


Parking Pad – Before & After